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a week in fashion #34

By James | Published: 4. September 2011

*Polo shirts are an important part of any man’s wardrobe. They work equally well dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a blazer. My favourite are from Fred Perry. I have no idea how to describe the colour of my new one (taupe?), but I love it.

*I really enjoyed the documentary Valentino – The Last Emperor. Perhaps the man himself wasn’t too happy with the result though; he is now looking at bringing his story to the stage with Valentino the musical – in which all the actors presumably wear spray tan in “burnt sienna” and torture seamstresses.

*New fashion and art magazine Garage releases its first issue tomorrow. It has an impressive list of contributors, so sounds promising. Perhaps it’s a shame then that all anyone seems to be talking about is the front cover.

*After last weekend football has become a taboo subject at home, but I did like Mr. Porter’s piece that shows the football managers who have brought some style to the beautiful game.

*Every newspaper/magazine/blog is claiming the cuban heel is a big trend in men’s shoes at the moment. Am I the only one who looks at these by Gareth Pugh and just can’t see it?

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