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a week in fashion #80

By Marlene | Published: 4. November 2012

*It’s like Mary read my mind when she came up with this colour for the Uslu Airlines x Stil in Berlin lipstick, a deep oxblood (just another name for burgundy – as the laws of fashion dictate that colours get renamed every season). The colour looks a bit Morticia Addams like this, but great when you put it on and as dramatic as its name. You can find the lipstick at Uslu Airlines.

*Kate Moss speaks! And speaks and speaks and speaks to Vanity Fair about, well, everything, including her regrets about going topless as a young model. With quotes like these – “I’d lock myself in the toilet and cry and then come out and do it. I never felt very comfortable about it. There’s a lot of boobs. I hated my boobs!” – I’m actually interested in reading the rest of the interview.

*I wondered how to make nail polish last earlier in the week. Then I found this step-by-step for a good manicure on Journelles. Ha!

*Gwyneth Paltrow and I might not share many things in life, ahem. But we do share an appreciation for Max Greenfield (“New Girl”). She let him take over Goop again, this time to share his Emmy experience, which includes such gems as this: “The artist Michelangelo once said, ‘My only regret in life is not dressing the statue of David in a Tom Ford suit.'”

*Can we agree that casting Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly is right up there on the list of all-time wrong casting decisions?

*And, on the list of my own all-time “so wrong, but oh so right” shopping decisions, I bought myself a winter coat in soft pink wool from Cos this week. Soft pink. For winter. That sound you hear is January laughing in my face.

*The folks at Editer really do edit their online magazine very well. Case in point: Paul A Young’s recipe for hot chocolate was a huge improvement on my week.

*One more week, one more book I’d love to have: “Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work” by Heather Clawson. Here’s a look inside.

*So, when your man comes in and asks why you’re looking at the Ryan Gosling look book so intensely, just say you’re researching his new wardrobe. (Holy smokes!)

Have a good week!

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  1. lis
    Posted 4. November 2012 at 23:05 | Permalink

    der lippenstift zu dem mantel? katsching würde ich mal sagen. eine wunderbare week in fashion liebe marlene, immer wieder ein genuss

    • Marlene
      Posted 5. November 2012 at 09:18 | Permalink

      Absolut der Lippenstift zum Mantel! Dann sieht auch keiner, dass meine Lippen längst blau angelaufen sind.

      Dank dir, Lis.

  2. ALMA
    Posted 5. November 2012 at 13:05 | Permalink

    oh ja, immer wieder.
    farbe im winter – zartrosa (wie auf den fotos) oder eher pink?

    • Marlene
      Posted 6. November 2012 at 12:16 | Permalink

      In der Tat: zartrosa. Also perfekt für den Winter. Waha! Liebste Grüße zurück.

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