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a week in fashion #82

By Marlene | Published: 13. January 2013

*Berlin Fashion Week is two days away and since I’m somewhat doubtful that the outside temperature will change from -8 to +28 degrees before then, my wardrobe choices feel, well, limited. I’m trying to see the positive: Less choice means less fretting. I will mostly be wearing this coat from Cos, which seemed like an extravagant buy at the time – it’s warm (sensible), it’s also soft pink (not so sensible) -, but which I’m glad to have now. It’s a nice change from my usual black.

*And speaking of coats: If the money fairy comes for a visit, I’ll have this camel coat from Stella McCartney Pre-Fall. Or, since I’m dreaming already, maybe the one in red?

*Excited about the news that H&M’s new brand “& Other Stories” is opening shop in Berlin soon. The teaser videos look promising.

*The Golden Globes are tonight. Who will win? Who cares! What will they wear? Hopefully many, many, many ridiculous gowns. I’m not going to stay up to watch, although I hope there will be lots of YouTube clips of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting. Which I’ll watch tomorrow morning straight after I’ve read the Fug Girls commentary on Vulture for breakfast.

*By the way: Is there a more dangerous job out there than celebrity stylist during Awards Season? Harper’s Bazaar has a behind the scenes diary by stylist Anita Patrickson. The slide show is worth looking at for the fifth picture alone.

*„So how is it that she has been transformed into something unpleasant from the Twilight franchise?” Charlotte Higgins reviews the official portrait of The Duchess of Cambridge in the Guardian.

*Do not look at the home story with Johanna Schulz on Ohhh… Mhhh… unless you want to re-decorate your entire home. I repeat, do not look at these pictures unless you want to re-decorate EVERYTHING.

*Oh man. Mr. Porter launches its new video series “A Saturday with…” with Morgan Collett from Saturdays Surf NYC. Let’s all go surfing, shall we?

*I’ve been thinking about getting one of those hand-embroidered t-shirts from Maison Labiche for a year now. But I can never make up my mind what I’d have embroidered. What would you get?

Have a good week!

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