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basics: the peacoat

By Marlene | Published: 9. December 2015


The beautiful thing about being with one man for a long time is that you get to share all that’s important in life. The good times. The bad times. The clothes.

Although I’ll admit that I’m getting more than my fair share when it comes to the clothes. I wear a lot of his things, he wears none of mine (well, almost none. There was that one time he ran out of socks, blindly grabbed a rolled up pair from my side of the wardrobe and accidentally wore thigh-highs for a full day. When he came home, he told me that there was something wrong with my „knee socks“) (being in a long-term relationship also means sharing those kinds of moments) (with an audience) (sorry, honey!) This is how James describes my definition of our wardrobe: „What’s mine is mine. And what’s yours is also mine.“

I put his Isabel Marant x H&M peacoat on as much as he does. Because it’s so versatile. Also because Robert Redford. Redford in Three Days of the Condor is a great blue print anyway. The gold-framed nerd glasses, the double denim looks, the neatly professorial blazers – I’d take it all.

But while I like borrowing from my man, I don’t want to look like I’m starring in Victor/Victoria. A classic menswear piece like a peacoat needs some feminine elements to balance the look. Heels for example, a side-split pencil skirt, or a red lip. Playing dress-up with James’ peacoat gave some more ideas of how to wear it, which I think I’ll do a lot this winter. It’s good that he doesn’t mind sharing. Right, honey? Right.












| Peacoat from ISABEL MARANT x H&M throughout (old), jeans ‘Racer Low Rise’ from CITIZENS OF HUMANITY, hat from AMERICAN APPAREL, boots from COS |

| Pullover from COS, pants from MTWTFSS WEEKDAY (old), sandals from COS (old), belt from the hardware store. Seriously. After noticing rope used as an accessory at AF AGGER FLACHS, at FILIPPA K and especially in this ace look from Sue Giers on Journelles, I drove straight to the next DIY store and picked up a piece of hemp rope. James sewed two pieces of tan leather around the ends, belt done |

| Jeans from CURRENT/ELLIOTT (old), lace-up sandals from ZARA |

| T-shirt from J. CREW, wrap skirt from EDITED x MAJA WYH (old) |



2. 2. Peacoats 5 peacoats that you don’t even need to steal from your man, because they’re all from the women’s collections (clockwise from top left):

| From JOSEPH |



| From A.P.C. |

| From JOSEPH |



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