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By Marlene | Published: 15. March 2014


Me: „Thanks for cleaning the bathroom, hon. Can I help with anything?“
James: „Yes. You could explain to me what all this stuff is?“
Me: „What stuff?“
James: „The stuff that’s taking up two shelves in the cupboard.“
Me: „You know, just the necessities.“
James: „Then why do I only have half a shelf?“
Me: „Because you’re a natural beauty.“
James: „Hang on, there’s more. You have three shelves. Three!“
Me: „Don’t complain. It all helps me look as beautiful as possible.“
James: „So you’re saying this is for my benefit?“
Me: „Exactly.“

I’ve also tried to explain to James that a lot of those products aren’t for me. They’re for Junior. Just like it’s Junior who wants to constantly eat ice cream, not me. James believes neither. Although the truth really is that my skin has become so dry during pregnancy that I’m going through more bottles of skin oil than a body builder at the Mister Universe contest. I won’t find out if any of these actually prevent stretch marks until baby’s born. So far, they have at least made my skin feel hydrated and soft. Not all of these are specifically for moms to be, but I’m sure you can use all of them – whether you’re pregnant or not.

100% Spa by Karmameju Hope Body Oil 01 | I’m a sucker for good packaging. Bonus: this pure essential oil with ylang ylang, rose and sandalwood will look great in your bathroom for a long time. I bought it long before my pregnancy and it’s so rich and simultaneouly absorbent that I’ve only had to use a little every time. The brand also do an oil especially for moms, which you can find here.

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil | A classic. Smells so good that I could bathe in it.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment | Same goes for this oil from Aesop. Again, very little will cover a lot of skin and, like the other products on the list, it’s an organic product.

Mamma Mio The Tummy Rub Oil | A recommendation from the same friend who told me about Hatch collection, who make the most beautiful maternity wear. Apparently, Claudia Schiffer used Mama Mio. Do I really believe that? Here’s another question: Why not?

Luxsit Hydrating Serum | This is for the face only. If James ever asked me how much all of the stuff in the cupboard is worth, this is one of the products that would force me to lie. The price for this serum with raspberry seed oil is a knock-out, but you really only do need a couple of drops to make people tell you how glowing your skin looks. I bought mine at Wheadon in Berlin, who should open their online shop soon.

Less is More Rose Serum | And this one’s for your hair. My hair is very brittle at the moment and this takes good care of dry and split ends.

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  1. Peggy
    Posted 16. March 2014 at 14:08 | Permalink

    Das Pai Rosehip Oil ist auch ganz toll über Nacht und seit geraumer Zeit schwöre ich auf Kokosöl aus dem Bioladen für Haare und Kopfhaut. Nur für den Fall, dass du noch Nachschub brauchst 😉

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