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inspiration: last days of summer

By Marlene | Published: 16. September 2014


Selecting outfits is very easy for me at the moment. They only have to pass one test: are they resistant to baby spit? No wonder I’m drinking up all the streetstyle pictures from the shows like an It girl after a champagne drought. My first click every morning, as Arlo is drooling on the shoulder of the same-as-yesterday-grey-sweatshirt, is Sandra’s blog A Love Is Blind. She’s just so good at capturing the action on the street. A couple of days ago I noticed picture of Claire in the same orange skirt she had on when I photographed her last year, just worn with a different shirt. And I thought: that orange lifts my mood like the last days of summer we’re having in Berlin at the moment. Also: how very cool and likable that she’s getting noticed for her own style rather than for silly expensive or sponsored outfits that have become quite common at the shows. Which is exactly what Claire wrote a smart and fun piece about right here, featuring some of her looks from New York Fashion Week. Pretty much every outfit is an inspiration. Not just if you, like me, are dreaming of one day again being able to wear something that doesn’t have to be washed at 60 degrees.


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  1. Stella
    Posted 24. September 2014 at 05:35 | Permalink

    Ja, hat Sommer weg, ich liebe den Sommer, Ihre Outfits sind genial, gelb und weiß, nobel.

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