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inspiration: soft pink

By Marlene | Published: 19. November 2013


So much work, so little time to blog at the moment. Almost every day I think: when I come home tonight, I’ll post something. Then, when I do come home, I sit in front of the screen, feeling uninspired to write anything more. I’m sure that’ll change again. For now I’ll start with something simple: a moodboard of a favorite colour for winter. Which doesn’t mean I wear it a lot. Or that it’s terribly practical. Soft pink attracts dirt the second you step out the door. But that’s exactly why I like it so much. I normally find winter dressing pretty miserable, with nothing but dark jeans and sweaters and boots for three months, oh who am I kidding: six months. Pink lifts my mood. I bought a blush coat from Cos last year and although there aren’t many days I wear it, it works like a little bit of sunshine when I do.

Here are a few pieces I like at the moment, from the top left:

| Coat from Zara Studio
| Skirt from A.L.C. Lenoir It’s a different skirt than in the picture. What can I say? Since I put the collage together the other one has sold out. But I like this one just as much.
| Silk tank top from Protagonist
| Loafer from J Crew
| Two-piece from a fashion spread in Flair

And a few more not seen…
| Velvet cord jeans from MiH
| Merino and silk cropped top from Cos
| Satin dress from Joseph
| Angora knit from Jonathan Saunders
| Rose lip balm from Dior

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