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By James | Published: 16. March 2012

When the really warm weather comes around I have always kept to flip flops. The only reason being that they were all I had. For some years now I’ve been on the lookout for some leather sandals, but have had no luck finding the right pair. Of course, from time to time I have seen ones I like. The problem was: they were usually the most expensive ones. It seemed a bit extravagant to buy a pair when I had no idea when I would actually wear them, or for that matter, what with. When I saw these in the Marni at H&M collection – for 60 Euro – I didn’t hesitate; I was finally going to own grown-up summer shoes. I still have no idea when I will wear them or what with. But the weather is turning warm (Berlin today was a balmy 19 degrees), so hopefully I’ll make my mind up soon.

In the meantime: how would you wear them?

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