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mirror, mirror

By Marlene | Published: 17. May 2012

I have a couple of go-to sunglasses, classic aviators from RayBan and this pair from CĂ©line. But right now I quite fancy some mirrored shades. Very 80s. Very Highway Patrol Officer. Possibly very wrong, yet somehow just right.

My inspiration: Anna Laub, who’s wearing a pair from her own line Prism here. Can you imagine anything better than your own collection of sunglasses? How about if that collection includes mix-and-match swimwear?

Out of the two of us, it looks like Anna at least is going to be very well prepared for summer.

What do your perfect sunglasses look like?

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  1. Ariane
    Posted 22. June 2012 at 10:10 | Permalink

    Ich suche genau so eine Sonnenbrille. Es gibt ganz wenige Brillen die eine tolles Gestell haben und auch noch verspielgelt sind, so wie die Brille von Anna Laub …
    Werde die gleich mal googeln 😉

    X Ariane

    • Marlene
      Posted 25. June 2012 at 16:12 | Permalink

      Ich kann kaum glauben, dass ich das schreibe, aber: von Oakley (!) gibt’s gerade auch SEHR schöne verspiegelte Sonnenbrillen. Fehlt nur noch die Sonne…

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