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my mother’s clothes

By Marlene | Published: 23. December 2010

Perhaps my favourite book this year, one which I only discovered a few weeks ago, is “My Mother’s Clothes”. It’s the story of a life told through the clothes of a woman who was just as fabulous as her name – Eleanor Morgan Montgomery Atuk. When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her daughter Jeannette starting photographing her designer wardrobe to help spur her memory. Eventually this personal project turned into a love letter to her mother’s fashionable life.

These are some of my favourite images.

The last dregs in a perfume bottle. You can almost smell the scent from the picture.

The fluffy gilet that the author’s own daugther now wears.

The Oscar de la Renta dress, about which the author writes: “I suppose the designers know that when a gown is going down South, they have to dress it up a bit. I can just hear them in their offices on Seventh Avenue: ‘This is going to Atlanta – throw on a few more ruffles.'”

A dress by Bill Blass, Eleanor’s favourite designer.

Poignant, beautifully photographed and very moving.

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  1. O.
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    Wie toll, danke.

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