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on majorca: the bare necessities

By Marlene | Published: 9. August 2013


Something I (deliberately, maybe) didn’t mention about packing for a holiday: I always pack too much. It’s inevitable. When I then open the suitcase at my destination I discover – okay, silk dresses that need to be ironed were perhaps a touch too optimistic.

But there are a few things I was really happy to find in my suitcase, because I’ve worn them almost every day to the beach already. My black bikini from Princesse TamTam. A very old and well-loved white shirt from H&M as a cover-up. Turkish towels, so very perfect for hanging out by the sea. And my new sunglasses. Another thing that’s inevitable: you’ll always find things to bring back home. So leave room when packing (and, no, I never remember to do it).

And although I didn’t put her in my suitcase, I’m so glad to be on holiday with this girl. Not just because she takes lovely pictures of me.

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