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at home with theresa rand

By Marlene | Published: 27. March 2018


Out of everything I’ve discovered renovating an apartment – building work will take approximately six months longer than expected, three visits to Ikea in one day is two visits too many, it is impossible to get rid of the last moving box – the thing has made me particularly crazy is how difficult it is to find beautiful bedside tables. (If you think „crazy“ is too strong a word: I came very close to ordering bedside tables from the U.S. last summer and reasoning myself into paying the ungodly shipping costs.)

Or so I thought until I found the Dusk Bedside Table from Theresa Rand.

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By Marlene | Published: 13. March 2018


Arlo recently knocked out one of his front teeth. It had become loose from, well, an incident at kindergarten. Back home he tried to climb off a stool, lost his balance and fell straight onto the wobbly tooth. At least that’s what we think happened. We hadn’t been paying attention for three seconds. Now our three and a hald year old looks like an Irish rugby player.

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what i wore this summer

By Marlene | Published: 23. August 2017


The beauty of some dresses only reveals itself after you’ve owned them for a while. Although I should’ve known I would love the Art Dress from RODEBJER from the start, because the same brand makes the caftan that makes me feel like an eccentric art collector with a holiday home in Palm Springs (not a bad thing) and that I’ve gotten more compliments for than any other piece of clothing I own (definitely not a bad thing).

The Art Dress has similar powers.

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