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studio visit || nobi talai

By Marlene | Published: 12. May 2017


Fashion revolves around speed. It’s often driven by the next trend, the next bag, the next piece for Instagram, faster, faster, faster. Depending on the time of year, my account balance and Instagram usage, I’ll let myself get swept away and want an off-the-shoulder blouse / some mirrored sunglasses / a Jane Birkin tribute picnic basket RIGHT THIS MINUTE. And I do get a kick out of it. But more often than not I find the frequency with which fashion moves product exhausting. The faster it moves, the less I enjoy my purchases for long and the more I’m left feeling like I can’t keep up anyway. If you read yesterday’s post, you can probably tell that I’m thinking a lot about being more discerning about how and what I shop. And I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. There’s been a change in the industry lately towards creating more essential and lasting pieces.

Designer Nobieh Talaei is at the forefront of that movement.

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