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my workout (or why the worst time to start a sport might be perfect timing)

By Marlene | Published: 27. June 2019
It was absolutely the wrong day to start working out. My accountant had called the previous day with news that I had to pay back a lot more money for 2017 than I had anticipated. The week before that, someone had unintentionally taken my suitcase instead of theirs from the bus (although I didn’t know it was unintentional at the time and it would take over [...]

pumped up kicks

By Marlene | Published: 6. April 2013
Of course, rather than sit here and write about running, I could actually be outside – running. Yeah, except the weather is kinda bad, I'm kinda tired, plus I just finished painting my nails and putting on trainers would ruin the pedicure. I wonder what came first: my decision to start running? Or my excuses not to? Before either came my resolution [...]