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luxsit hydrating serum

By Marlene | Published: 13. October 2014
Every compliment I got for how well my skin looked in the last nine months, was forwarded straight to this bottle of „Hydrating Serum“ from Luxsit. I discovered it when I was out to buy a present for someone else. A what-the-hell-why-not-also-give-myself-a-present purchase. One that I haven’t regretted for a minute. I wear just a few drops of it over [...]

keeping up appearances

By Marlene | Published: 12. December 2013
When they set up the Christmas market in front of the office building I'm spending a lot of time in at the moment in early November, I laughed. It was sunny, it was a balmy 12 degrees, the idea of drinking Glühwein seemed absurd. Now it's the middle of December and I, as is traditional by now, have not accomplished anything related to December 24th – not [...]

timeless beauty

By Marlene | Published: 17. May 2013
My birthday is coming up very soon. Okay, tomorrow. I made a crack in the dinner invitation about the fact that I will then be the same age as George Clooney was when it all started happening for him. I don't know what Clooney's beauty routine looks like. He so rarely invites me around his house to snoop around the bathroom. I imagine it involves slapping [...]

pumped up kicks

By Marlene | Published: 6. April 2013
Of course, rather than sit here and write about running, I could actually be outside – running. Yeah, except the weather is kinda bad, I'm kinda tired, plus I just finished painting my nails and putting on trainers would ruin the pedicure. I wonder what came first: my decision to start running? Or my excuses not to? Before either came my resolution [...]