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luxsit hydrating serum

By Marlene | Published: 13. October 2014


Every compliment I got for how well my skin looked in the last nine months, was forwarded straight to this bottle of „Hydrating Serum“ from Luxsit. I discovered it when I was out to buy a present for someone else. A what-the-hell-why-not-also-give-myself-a-present purchase. One that I haven’t regretted for a minute. I wear just a few drops of it over my regular moisturizer and it makes my skin look dewy and rosy, even on days when I’ve only slept a few hours the night before. Such magic has a price. But as it’s worked for nine months, I think it’s worth it.

„Hydrating Serum“ from Luxsit, via Wheadon, a favourite beauty shop in Berlin.

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  1. nicole wheadon
    Posted 7. December 2014 at 10:23 | Permalink

    Dear Marlene,
    thank you so much for this delightful article.
    It makes me very happy that you enjoy the serum so much and that you like my shop.
    All the very best to you

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