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By Marlene | Published: 16. November 2010

We’re online!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate spruced’s inaugural blog post than by sharing something that James made me: my new favourite trousers.

A few months ago I decided that my closet needed some colour. Maybe something red. Perhaps a pair of trousers. Not jeans. Nothing made from leather (because as much as I fantasize about Isabel Marant’s red leather trousers, I’m too fond of carbohydrates to carry them off). No, a pair of light wool trousers, tailored but not tight, with pleats down the front and perhaps with turnups. Something easy. But in screaming red.

Should be easy enough to find, I thought. But the same thing happened that always happens when I have my mind set on a piece of clothing: I couldn’t find them. Anywhere.

And then James said: let me make you a pair. They turned out exactly the way I had imagined them – only better.

Bonus: they look pretty good next to a pool.

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