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prince charles for the young

By James | Published: 1. February 2011

One of my great pleasures is reading Alexis Petridis’ fashion column in the Guardian with my Saturday morning coffee, but I couldn’t agree with his “A right royal revolt” piece from a couple of weeks back. I was just putting the finishing touches to this jacket and Prince Charles was definitely in my thoughts when I put it together.

I’ve always rather admired the way he has mixed colour, print and texture while sticking within the boundaries of traditional English style. I’ve designed the jacket shorter than you would expect the Prince himself to wear, the high revers and the mix of pattern and bright colours keeps it modern. The look is undoubtedly smart and I’m sure you will stand out in it this spring – but not as the “honking posho” that Alexis appears so afraid of.

A big thank you to Frank for looking fantastic in this jacket.

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