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review: alexandra kiesel

By James | Published: 19. January 2012

We’ve been back for a week already. How time flies! And I’m just about over the jet lag in time for Berlin fashion week and the four sleep deprived days that it will no doubt cause. Excitingly I will be contributing to Derzeit for the week, so yesterday I headed down to the tent to watch the show from Alexandra Kiesel. You can pick up the latest issue today or download the online version from the website. Just follow the link!

Despite having many creative outlets as a child, I never considered designing clothes with pieces of Lego. You could fill a page just describing the colour palate from this bold debut solo show; had I tried assembling the bricks into a dress, my childhood toy box certainly wouldn’t have been up to scratch. Wine, lemon yellow, navy, orange, pale denim and acid green were all thrown together in kaleidoscopic combinations. And all this before you consider the prints, of which I lost count of the number used and the people who contributed them. Sound overbearing? The result surprisingly wasn’t. The building block style Alexandra Kiesel uses to mix all the components together wasn’t managed to be eye-catching while the overall look was also both feminine and graceful. Especially the outfits layered with sheer silk or those softened with mohair knits really stood out. The silhouettes could have been a little more enterprising, a couple of knee length A-line dresses in particular looked a little clumsy although the straight cut jacket worked perfectly. The flounce skirts also helped pep up the straight lines in what was altogether a very striking show.

Photos: P&C

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