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review: augustin teboul

By Marlene | Published: 5. July 2012

Yesterday, James and I saw the Augustin Teboul presentation. I hope you can see in my pictures just how visually overwhelming and beautifully staged it was.

And here’s James take on the collection. He’s contributing show reviews to Derzeit magazine during fashion week. You can pick up their daily issues at the tent or download the online version from their website.

You would think that presentations should give greater scope for designers to tell their story compared to the narrow confines of a runway show. Very rarely is that the case though. Design duo Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul really showed how it should be done. The scene was grand and sophisticated, with silver trays of Vodka cocktails weaving amongst the guests and Chopin played from a grand piano. The atmosphere on the other hand was full of sexual tension, like finding yourself at an exclusive high society party and forever feeling that an orgy is about to break out at any moment. Models draped themselves across the couches and furniture in provocative poses, flowers arranged in huge sculptural forms rose up around them. Black lace was pulled tight across the skin. Sheer silk, often embellished with glossy black beads, was draped from the shoulder and waist in varying volumes and lengths. A tougher edge took the form of leather jackets and pants in biker styles. The word presentation doesn’t accurately describe the final result. This was a performance.

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