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review: damian hirschberg

By James | Published: 20. January 2012

My next review for Derzeit from Fashion Week is about the Damien Hirschberg show. You can dowload the paper from their website. Follow the link!

If I wanted to level a criticism at Berlin fashion week it would be that too many designers fall short when it comes to their execution. I have seen so many promising shows ruined by trouser seams twisting or zippers puckered into waves big enough to surf on. But nothing even close was evident at Damien Hirschberg’s show. The newcomer really knows how to cut cloth. From high wasted minis to tight fitting dresses with scooped backs and sleek tailored jackets everything was immaculately finished. The fabric choices were also luxurious with silk satins and chiffons, fine wools and leather. Yet I just couldn’t appreciate the final result. The fierce rock chick styling with tight slicked back ponytails and charcoal eyes seemed overdone, with all the studs and sequins. The evening gowns with layers of circle cut satin became so voluminous, they didn’t flatter the models – making me afraid to imagine what they would do for anyone else. The last straw: The collection was almost entirely black, a concept I just can’t buy into no matter how many times I see it.

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