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review: vladimir karaleev

By James | Published: 22. January 2012

Here’s my review for Derzeit from Fashion Week about the Vladimir Karaleev show – my favourite all week. You can dowload the paper from their website. Follow the link!

I had felt the buzz around Vladimir Karaleev long before I arrived at the fashion week tent. It’s normal to find a few people mingling around the entrance to the show area before the doors are open but when I did arrive I was confronted by a veritable rugby scrum of people jostling for position to get in. I found myself in a state of apprehension, and boy did the show not disappoint. The draping as always was beautifully handled; jersey and silk dresses hung delicately from the models shoulders without ever becoming too complicated. But what really impressed were the way layers of silk, jersey, wool and leather were combined in layers that looked so effortless. Tunic tops were worn over brushed wools. Soft armless coats flowed over turtle neck sweaters. If I had to pick a personal favourite: the soft tailored off the shoulder jackets that would compliment almost any look. I don’t think you will see a better show all week.

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