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By Marlene | Published: 19. July 2012

May I introduce you to “My own summer”? It was love at first sight for me (and not just because the actual summer is proving rather elusive at the moment). The ring is from a collection by two Berlin designers, who turned a good idea – couldn’t an old curb chain necklace also work as a pretty ring? – into a jewelry line. It’s called, another good idea, I need more rings. Vanessa and Fran source the bulky necklaces mostly on flea markets and make delicate rings from them with such charming names as “My eyes have seen you” and “My love is your love”. When I met the girls for coffee a few weeks ago, I must’ve seemed like a swooning teenager to them. I just couldn’t take my eyes of that ring. Soon, it shall be mine.

You can see the rest of the gorgeous collection and order the pieces on their website. If you’re in Berlin, you’ll also find the rings at Wald and Voo Store.

Oh, and the post’s slightly silly title? Is, of course, a Frank Sinatra song and would definitely be on the mixtape I’d make this ring.

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