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suede bomber

By James | Published: 24. April 2012

I am someone who wears a lot of bomber jackets. Sometimes dressed up with a shirt and tie, sometimes dressed down with a t-shirt. Get yourself a good one and you will get a lot of use out of it. I own quite a few different types: leather ones, all manner of different cotton versions and even a couple made from wool. I feel like I know what a bomber jacket should look like.

Just because it isn’t a fitted garment it doesn’t mean the cut is unimportant. I definitely prefer slim shapes, perhaps they are actually best when they look just slightly too small. The armhole needs to be cut high and the sleeves need to be kept quite narrow.

For this jacket I used a super soft navy blue suede. I decided to keep the design very clean, it would have been such a shame to add too many details that could distract from the exquisite texture of the material. Finding the right suede really proved to be the most important factor, giving a luxurious touch to a classic ivy league look.

If you’re interested in having a garment like this one made to order, send an e-mail to mail at jamescastle dot de

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  1. lis
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    What a beautiful jacket…

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