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skin food

By Marlene | Published: 9. April 2015
My dad has taught me a lot of things. How to operate a percussion drill for example. Or that one shall have no other Gods before Bruce Springsteen. And that gummy bears are the perfect sweet. I also admire him for his fundamental optimism and for his mischievous sense of humor. So I think it will tickle him that he’s one of my beauty icons. No joke! He’s [...]

book love: der berliner stil

By Marlene | Published: 15. August 2013
I wanted to wait until I'm back home in Berlin to post this, until I could open my own copy of the book, but damnit I'm too impatient! „Der Berliner Stil” is now out, a book by Angelika Taschen about, you guessed it, Berlin style. Her co-author, co-conspirator and allround co-star is the wonderful Alexa von Heyden. Sandra Semburg took the pictures [...]