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the pro, part II

By Marlene | Published: 11. July 2012
Remember when I said I wanted to show you the rest of Kathrin's sensational Fashion Week outfit "tomorrow"? So, that was five days ago. But here it is now! We had about ten seconds to take the picture and - what can I say? - she's a total pro in front of the camera, too. P.S. I need a printed pencil skirt. Now. Suggestions?

the pro

By Marlene | Published: 6. July 2012
Alright, so here's how I blog during fashion week (or, really, any other week): late at night, glass of red wine to my right, box of Manner Schnitten to my left, on the sofa, thinking "Well, I could always write that post tomorrow..." A thought usually followed by more red wine, then bed. Yesterday, Kathrin showed me how it's done: laptop in her bag, writing [...]