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holiday inspiration: foulard

By Marlene | Published: 21. March 2014
We’re going on holiday in a few days and it would be a mild understatement to say that I’m looking forward to sipping coconut drinks, smelling like suntan lotion and making the six-month-belly feel weightless in the sea. Yeeessssss! As I started thinking about what to take, I remembered this picture I took of Claire last year. There’s something so effortless [...]

on majorca: sunglasses from uterqüe

By Marlene | Published: 14. August 2013
My goal before I leave Majorca: find out how to correctly pronounce Uterqüe. Uter-what? Uterqüe. Okka first told me about the brand a couple of years ago after she went to Majorca and I've managed to find one of their shops pretty much anywhere I've been in Spain since. As if I'd keep a small detail like the language barrier from shopping. The brand's style [...]