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the liebig pyjama shirt

By Marlene | Published: 4. June 2013

Sunday was one of those days I normally would’ve stayed in bed all day: rain, rain, nothing but rain. Heavens, when will it ever stop? Except, I had signed up for the Journelles x Voo Store flea market, so I had to go out. It ended up being more than worth it. Stephanie, who I shared a sale rack with, and our friends had as much fun as can be had selling old treasured clothes to new owners. Good people, good atmosphere, really good music (old school hiphop on repeat – and I was 17 again), served with waffles, ice-cream and sweets. Let’s do that again, please, Journelles and Voo Store.

Of course, I immediately re-invested some of my earnings – into a pyjama shirt from Liebig, a label rightfully loved for gorgeous dresses. Typically, I only discovered that I wanted one of those shirts when they were no longer available. So when I spotted it at the flea market, my buying arm shot out faster than you can say Cool Hand Luke. This silk pyjama top is not for wearing to bed on Sunday. My inspiration for how I’ll wear it: Amanda Brooks. That picture is two years old, her look is still delightful.

I can think of only one better way to wear a pyjama top: with a matching bottom. Just look. And then again here. Sofia Coppola – tsk. That woman can do anything.

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  1. Sandra Semburg
    Posted 4. June 2013 at 14:47 | Permalink

    I am so envious of this shirt, perfection ! And of course I want to see you wear it !

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