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the medley institute

By Marlene | Published: 4. August 2014


I first noticed The Medley Institute jewelry on my colleague Julia. She was wearing a curved, delicate silver bracelet. Nothing spectacular, but very special in a way that would make you happy to look at and wear every day. When I visited the designer Jana Patz in her studio, I discovered that the rest of her collections are just the same. It’s obvious from her designs that she enjoys thinking about how women (and men) wear jewelry. Yet her pieces don’t look constructed. Rather the opposite, the pieces all seem very organic. I especially like the „knuckle duster” in rosegold from the Edition No. IX that looks like it gently protects your hand. And the rings from the Edition No. VIII that look like hearts and can be worn over the knuckle or stacked on the finger are simply gorgeous.

The Medley Institute is available from Andreas Murkudis at Bikini Berlin among other places.





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