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basics: the pointy pumps

By Marlene | Published: 22. March 2013
Here's something else I learnt from my grandmother: One can never own too many shoes. And who would I be to question my grandmother's teachings? In fact, my shoe closet is proof that I have taken her lesson very seriously. These were a recent addition to the collection. I could try and justify why they are the fourth pair of black pointy pumps I have bought. [...]

for inge

By Marlene | Published: 20. March 2013
I already celebrated Christmas once this year. At the end of January. A creative act of re-scheduling that wasn't so much down to the fact that there was still snow on the ground a month after Christmas 2012, as there is still snow on the ground today, officially the first day of spring, and that the thought of covering the dreariness with a festive atmosphere [...]
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& other stories is now open

By Marlene | Published: 8. March 2013
This week just keeps on giving. After my excitement yesterday that James' collection of metallic clutches is finally available, here's another treat: H&M's new brand & Other Stories opened their online shop today! Once I got through the front door, I headed straight for this dress, although I didn't get it in pink, but in black. And I could've just kept adding [...]
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good day sunshine

By Marlene | Published: 5. March 2013
Where do I begin with telling you what the sudden change in weather has done to me? How about this: I woke up before the alarm at 8 yesterday morning, looked at the sun streaming through the windows, jumped out of bed and went for a run. A run! At 8 in the morning! And I was happy about it! There aren't enough exclamation marks to point out how very unlike [...]