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basics: the pointy pumps

By Marlene | Published: 22. March 2013

Here’s something else I learnt from my grandmother: One can never own too many shoes. And who would I be to question my grandmother’s teachings? In fact, my shoe closet is proof that I have taken her lesson very seriously. These were a recent addition to the collection. I could try and justify why they are the fourth pair of black pointy pumps I have bought. Let me tell you instead that I think you just can’t go wrong with pointy pumps. Although, admittedly, walking in them on Berlin pavements can be a challenge. Regardless of that small obstacle, these pumps are so sleek and classic that I think of them as a wardrobe staple anyway. Like a white tee. And, no, I will certainly not tell you how many white t-shirts I own. You wouldn’t believe me anyway. As for the pumps, the dream is a pair from Prada. The reality is Zara. Which isn’t meant to knock Zara. Quite the opposite. I’ve bought so many shoes there over the years that my grandma would be very proud of me.

Gonna throw these on now and head out.

Have a good weekend!

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