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a week in fashion #86

By Marlene | Published: 24. March 2013

*This winter is driving everybody nuts. I read today that an American lawyer is trying to sue Punxsutawney Phil because spring didn’t arrive when the groundhog had predicted it would. I’d like to have a word with that clairvoyant rodent myself. It’s been groundhog day for fashion around here for months now. Every morning, I put on thick socks, jeans and a jumper. Sometimes jeans, a jumper and thick socks. Or, when I’m feeling particularly adventurous, two jumpers, thick socks and jeans. If spring ever arrives, I will probably have forgotten how to wear other clothes. Although I tried and at least put on a pair of jeans that had been lying in my closet for years – with open-toed sandals, but obviously just for the picture –, as I started writing a new style column for Glam this week. I have to thank Ari for asking me. And for trusting me enough to kick things off with that delicate question: Bootcut jeans – yes or have I gone crazy? The column will be published every first and third Friday of the month. The first one is here. (in German)

*Okka asked me to recommend a new fragrance for her this week. And I’m still blown away by how many great suggestions her readers had, too.

*The lovely Marie from Blame It on Fashion, Funda from By Funda and Lotte from The Style Cavalry have teamed up for new online magazine Luelle. It’s predictably lovely (and written in Danish).

*I like peeking into other people’s closets. I really like the concept that you can shop the closets of well-heeled ladies on Vaunte.

*It’s entirely possible that I’m enjoying this shop so much at the moment because I’m spending a lot of time indoors, in the future ideally with more products from Neest.

*The wonderful Morgane Sezalory has expanded her fashion collection and is now selling it under the name Sézane. And unless I’m mistaken, the La Superbe jumper has my name written all over it.

*Unquestionably one of the best-looking online shops out there, LN-CC has finally arrived in Germany.

*An idea as simple as it is beautiful: Maria Popova publishes a quote from a favourite book and matches it with a song on Literary Jukebox every day.

*Maybe you noticed that the blog has only had one author for some time. And maybe you already saw at the top of the page that Spruced is “by Marlene” now. What stays the same is that I will continue telling stories about fashion, design and beauty here. James has started writing his own blog and it looks as good as could be expected from a guy who makes such beautiful bags and clothes. You can find it here.

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  1. Natalia
    Posted 24. March 2013 at 23:39 | Permalink

    Tolle Kolumne und wirklich amüsant geschrieben, Glückwunsch! Ich freue mich schon auf mehr! Der Tipp mit Vaunte ist Gold wert, danke dafür! LG

    • Marlene
      Posted 25. March 2013 at 16:30 | Permalink

      Danke, du Liebe. Für den Tipp zu Vaunte müssen wir uns beide bei Gwyneth Paltrow und Goop bedanken. Für das leer geplünderte Konto dann auch…

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