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Monthly Archives: June 2013

summer essentials: the panama hat

By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2013
„What should I write about the panama hat? Perhaps that I always feel better dressed when I wear mine, even in the worst summer heat, whether I'm wearing a bikini or a silk dress. It just has such an elegant shape. Elegant? No, flawless even. Besides, it's also pretty useful, because it protects well against the sun but is still light. I could write that. [...]

summer essentials: the aviators

By Marlene | Published: 18. June 2013
They're back. My aviators. I recently wrote that I have lost these sunglasses so many times now that it's almost embarrassing to buy them again. But I have bought them again and this time I simply won't lose them. Should I have switched to something else? Less classic? More suprising? Nah. A lot of the time I'd go: Gimme the new stuff! But when it comes to [...]

summer essentials: the linen t-shirt

By Marlene | Published:
You're not going to argue with me that linen pants are the scourge of summer, are you? They're a truly perfidious garment, sold as something light to wear, like a promise of a summer in the South of France. But the truth is that they lose their shape when there's even a smidgen of humidity in the air and quickly end up looking like the exact opposite of ease, [...]

summer essentials: the bikini

By Marlene | Published: 17. June 2013
Strolling to the ice cream parlor at half nine in the evening. Waking up with the sunlight, smiling, because you don't even mind that it's only seven o'clock. Sleeping under thin sheets, because anything more would be much too warm. Feeling the fabric of a dress against bare legs for the first time. Thinking, as you're leaving the apartment: Am I forgetting [...]

le vernis de iphone

By Marlene | Published: 14. June 2013
Do the iPhoria cases remind you of something? Mhm? Exactly. A certain brand of nail polish. How fabulously silly and pretty at the same time. The one in red is what my new iPhone is wearing now after I finally decided to say good-bye to my beloved iPhone 3. A good idea. Although I wonder whether it's also a good idea that my phone now looks better than my [...]