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summer essentials: the suede shopper

By Marlene | Published: 21. June 2013
Of course, I saved the best for last. My new handbag from James Castle! I'm completely smitten with „The Nora”. A slouchy suede shopper that's as simple as a shopping bag, yet very chic. The kind of bag that doesn't need to show off to get noticed. I've been carrying it around for a couple of weeks now and I keep getting asked where I got it from. [...]

summer essentials: the sandals

By Marlene | Published: 20. June 2013
According to my feet, the year only has two seasons. Blue foot season and red foot season. My feet are either so cold that I want to use warm water bottles as inlays for my shoes. Or so warm that I want to dunk them in an ice bath every half hour. When it hits 35 degrees, as it did this week, my toes turn into little Danish hot dog sausages. I can't blame [...]

summer essentials: the panama hat

By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2013
„What should I write about the panama hat? Perhaps that I always feel better dressed when I wear mine, even in the worst summer heat, whether I'm wearing a bikini or a silk dress. It just has such an elegant shape. Elegant? No, flawless even. Besides, it's also pretty useful, because it protects well against the sun but is still light. I could write that. [...]

summer essentials: the aviators

By Marlene | Published: 18. June 2013
They're back. My aviators. I recently wrote that I have lost these sunglasses so many times now that it's almost embarrassing to buy them again. But I have bought them again and this time I simply won't lose them. Should I have switched to something else? Less classic? More suprising? Nah. A lot of the time I'd go: Gimme the new stuff! But when it comes to [...]

summer essentials: the linen t-shirt

By Marlene | Published:
You're not going to argue with me that linen pants are the scourge of summer, are you? They're a truly perfidious garment, sold as something light to wear, like a promise of a summer in the South of France. But the truth is that they lose their shape when there's even a smidgen of humidity in the air and quickly end up looking like the exact opposite of ease, [...]