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summer essentials: the sandals

By Marlene | Published: 20. June 2013

According to my feet, the year only has two seasons. Blue foot season and red foot season. My feet are either so cold that I want to use warm water bottles as inlays for my shoes. Or so warm that I want to dunk them in an ice bath every half hour. When it hits 35 degrees, as it did this week, my toes turn into little Danish hot dog sausages. I can’t blame my toes for this. Who can I blame? No one, I guess. Still, I feel sorry for my innocent feet. So every few years I get them the same type of sandal: the type that comes closest to not being there at all. This year, I found them at Kennel Schmenger. Kennel who? I’d never heard of the brand either. These sandals are so slim that the sole almost disappears and all you see are three delicate silver straps. It’s as close as you’ll get to walking barefoot without actually walking barefoot. My feet look much happier in them. Possibly because silver really compliments red.

From Kennel Schmenger in silver and gold | From Ioannis with studs | From Gianvito Rossi in brown | From L’Autre Chose in turquoise, plum and oliver green | From Michael Kors in silver

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  1. Anna - 4 11 11 4
    Posted 22. June 2013 at 19:34 | Permalink

    I love your texts, always so refreshing and full of joy! keep going and thank you for taking this journey with all of us readers

    P.S: Silver is the perfect summer color simply goes with everything so totally a great decision!

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