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summer essentials: the panama hat

By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2013

„What should I write about the panama hat? Perhaps that I always feel better dressed when I wear mine, even in the worst summer heat, whether I’m wearing a bikini or a silk dress. It just has such an elegant shape. Elegant? No, flawless even. Besides, it’s also pretty useful, because it protects well against the sun but is still light. I could write that. And maybe also that you don’t have to wait until your holiday to buy one. A good panama hat can be folded into a bag and it still won’t lose its shape. What do you think?”

„I think that you should write that the panama hat goes best with a gin tonic.”

I’ve got nothing to add. Thank you, James.

I bought my hat at a farmer’s market in Berlin, you can find an almost identical one at Plan Shop | From Sensi Studio in creme with a neon yellow ribbon | From Borsalino in natural with a leather ribbon | From J. Crew in natural, white and navy with a grosgrain ribbon | From Topshop in tabac with a thin grosgrain ribbon

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