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a classic camel coat

By Marlene | Published: 28. February 2013

You know it’s fashion week when you don’t read the papers online in the morning, but browse the collections on style.com for breakfast instead. Newsflash: I just lost my heart to this camel coat from Dries Van Noten! (Have a look at the rest of the collection, too. I’m swooning).

There’s an almost inflationary use of the description “classic” in fashion, something which I’m guilty of myself. I get it. If you’re selling something, people prefer to buy things that won’t go out of fashion again immediately. It just gets a little ridiculous when even leggings get counted in that category. But I do think the camel coat can be described as just that: classic. And classy. It’s almost always more interesting than a black coat, instantly dresses up an outfit and will slot seamlessly into any wardrobe. The double-breasted version shown at Dries Van Noten is quite mannish, and looked damn near perfect with slim trousers and a pair of heels, but I saw a few other good ones at the shows in Stockholm and Copenhagen, too.

The one Hanna is wearing in the picture above is from Filippa K. Pretty cool that she paired it with a matching scarf and bag. Also: tucking the hair into the collar like that might be the perfect solution for all those days when I don’t like my hair, i.e. almost every day.

This is from the all-around amazing Whyred presentation and I would’ve walked out of the show with the whole outfit exactly like this.

I also liked the short, boxy version from Bruuns Bazaar. Together with a striped shirt and ankle-length trousers and you’d look like you should be living in the Marais in Paris.

And just as proof that a camel coat doesn’t go out of fashion: I took this picture at the Kaviar Gauche show – two years ago.

I think it’s their Clochard coat. A little hard to tell from this angle, I know. But isn’t it a great coat, even from the back? They should make it again. Until then, here’s a similar one they designed for Zalando.


  1. Anne
    Posted 28. February 2013 at 20:26 | Permalink

    Oh no, where did the promise to myself go not to shop anything for the next say 2 month?
    but the Zalando Kaviar Gauche is on sale and still available in L – is that a sign?! oh no oh no.
    my grandma had a very classic camel coat i always loved and admired on her. i once had a camel coat in my early twenties and my brother called me “Oma”, since then I never dared to buy one again…well, maybe it’s time to teach my brother a lesson on classic style 🙂

    • Marlene
      Posted 1. March 2013 at 10:41 | Permalink

      “Oh no” – I know the feeling! And, not knowing your brother or your grandmother, but I’d trust HER judgment more when it comes to fashion choices, hahaha. That coat from Kaviar Gauche looks great. Not that I’d want to be bad influence, oh no…

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