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a coat for spring

By Marlene | Published: 13. April 2015


I’m probably going to sound a little loopy. But that’s what spring does to me! Sprrrriiiiiiiiiing!

Those few days when the cherry blossoms explode like popcorn all over the city, when the air is so soft you want to bottle it for the rest of the year, when the sun still makes you dizzy and tingles on your skin. Just before the weather turns properly warm and you get used to leaving the house without three layers of clothes again. Days that are more intoxicating than a bottle of champagne on New Years Eve. Could that be why I’m the mood for a pink trenchcoat at the moment? No, wait, let’s call it: a trenchcoat in cherry blossom. A colour that I wear… never. But right now I’m dreaming of a coat as light, non-fussy and unapologetically pretty like these first days of spring.

Here are five that I’d elope with.


| Stine Goya Maxim Oversize trenchcoat

| Tibi trenchcoat

| Designers Remix Poe trenchcoat

| Freda by Matches Martingale coat

| Ganni Inglewood short coat

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