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a new bracelet

By Marlene | Published: 29. January 2015


There comes a time when you have to admit that there are things in this life you’ll probably never learn. Like Japanese. Or knitting. Or the ability to stack bracelets. You know what I’m talking about. Some women excel at it, mixing a vintage men’s Rolex with three friendship bands, a Cartier bracelet, a wristband for the last Roskilde Open Air and a handful of jingling gold bangles, and making it look fabuous. I simply can’t master that look. Or rather, I find simple jewellery much easier to handle. Right now I’m wearing three delicate gold rings a lot, from by boe, Sabrina Dehoff and I need more rings. The gold Loop bracelet from TAKK fits right in: subtle, but striking. And at least as impressive looking as a wrist stacked with jewellery.

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