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By Marlene | Published: 2. February 2015


One of things I enjoy most about my job is that I get to hang around some very talented people who let me peek over their shoulder and be a nosy parker, who share little secrets and favourite addresses with me. One of the things I enjoy most about writing this blog is sharing those whaaaaat-that’s-amazing-tell-me-more moments. A moment like the one when I recently met Thorsten again on an assignment. Thorsten the magician I should call him, because he made me up into a Hollywood star for a story in Couch when I was heavily pregnant and looked about as far away from Hollywood as Hannover. I adore him even more since he came up to me during a break on set last week, held a few bottles and jars under my nose and said: „Do you need something new for your blog? I got something!“

That something is Yarok, a haircare line from New York, founded by stylist Mordechai Alvow. The name means „green“ in Hebrew and that says it all: the products are purely organic. And it’s not just the ingredients that are good, the packaging is eco-friendly as well. Plus, the company gives a percentage of its annual earnings to charity. You can read more about how and why Yarok does its business here.

All of which sounded convincing to me already. And what does Thorsten like so much about it? „The scents are fantastic, especially compared to a lot of the chemically smelling products out there.“ True. For instance, the hairspray smells like a rosemary and lemon gras cocktail. „The ingredients are 100% vegan, so you could basically drink the stuff.“ Also true. Like I said: rosemary and lemon gras. Although perhaps you shouldn’t really drink them. „The products just work.“ And on this I’ll trust a man surrounded by hundreds of beauty products every day. I’ve tried the hair spray and mousse so far and I’m impressed.

Thank you, Thorsten!

Yarok is available in Germany from All For Eves.

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