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a quick flirt

By Marlene | Published: 8. February 2013

Can I confess something to you? It still takes quite some courage for me to approach someone in the street for their picture. James asked me once why it made me so nervous. He said: How would you feel if someone asked you? I said: Flattered, probably. So I try to remember that every time I go up to someone I don’t know, but whose style I like, pretending to be suuuuper relaxed about asking them. To me, a good street style shot is like having a quick flirt. A flirt that sometimes lasts no longer than a minute, like it did with Cecilie, who I stopped just as she was ready to jump in her car. But it was worth it for her smile. And for catching a moment that sums up the style of women in Copenhagen for me: minimal makeup, a playful take on fashion and proportions and, please, no clothes that are too tight. I could definitely see myself having a long love affair with that coat. Oh, and what’s Cecilie got on her feet? The Acne Alma boots, of course.

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