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By Marlene | Published: 6. February 2013

If I ever open a shop for Danish products, I’d definitely stock tebirkes, flødeboller, Frandsen lamps – and Matas. Matas is a Danish drugstore chain with its own brand of skincare, which is so good it ought to be world-famous and is also the reason my luggage on the return flight usually gets tagged “heavy”. This time, as every time, in my suitcase: a big bottle of Carbamid body lotion, that makes skin smooth as soft ice cream and wraps you like a big coat in winter. The shampoo and eye cream are new discoveries, but I can already say about the eye cream: it’s the best I’ve ever tried (and, believe me, I’ve tried enough of them to come to a fair judgment on this). So, next time you’re in Denmark, stock up. Because Matas doesn’t sell anywhere else. Well, at least not until I open my shop.

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