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a week in fashion #20

By James | Published: 30. May 2011

*Summer has well and truly arrived. All those clothes put away at the end of September last year suddenly look good again. I thought I’d start with this Liberty print shirt.

*I am excited to see London based designer Tim Soar has ventured into womenswear with this capsule collection. I really love the men’s jacket turned little black dress.

*Love them or hate them, the Gucci loafer is iconic and you have to respect the fine craftmanship behind them. I was fasinated by this article on a continuous lean, where they paid the factory that makes them a visit.

*Halle Berry won the dubious honour of celebrity fragrance of the year at the Fifi awards this week, which is a bit like being voted someone’s favourite dental procedure. The only reason I noticed was because she accepted the award in this dress. Not sure what to make of the rapidly growing number of celebrities walking the red carpet with a bare midriff.

*I know that Princess Beatrice’s hat, worn to the recent royal wedding, has been talked about in every magazine throughout the entire world already, but I couldn’t quite believe that it sold at auction this week for a whopping 81,000 pounds. It was for charity, but if I had bought it for that price I think I would have prefered to stay anonymous too.

*And finally, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for Marlene and I, we both feel chained to our desks. It is never a good sign when even sleeping feels like an inconvenience. I think I may have found the solution.

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