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a week in fashion #21

By Marlene | Published: 4. June 2011

*Is there anyone left who does not own a Breton stripe shirt? You wouldn’t think so if you had a look at the pictures people have sent in for Holly and Igor’s Stripe Mania. They call it a blogger round-up. I call it a good excuse to take a quick break from work and goof around in front of the mirror.

*There isn’t much that makes James quite as happy as new sunglasses. The Activist summer collection is his current favourite. I like them, too.

*I don’t really care, if the models on the current cover of Vogue Italia are so-called “plus-size”. They look incredible.

*Hamish Bowles is writing an autobiography. I so hope he’s going with this picture for the cover.

*JANE was perhaps my favourite women’s magazine – until it went the way that so many of my favourite magazines have gone in the last years: it was shut down. Now editor-in-chief Jane Pratt has relaunched the mag as an online format: XOJane. I haven’t read enough to compare the two, yet. But I’m happy they brought back the genius category Make-Under. And they couldn’t have picked anyone better than Tinsley Mortimer to do it with.

Happy weekend!

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