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By Marlene | Published: 1. June 2011

Using a desk for papers and pens is for amateurs. As I’ve been battling deadlines these last couple of weeks I’ve used my desk only for what’s absolutely essential:

*1 tub of tiger balm to keep me from falling asleep when it gets late. Best used in combination with double espresso.
*1 kick-ass coloured blush from Mac to kick my ass in the mornings.
*1 industrial-strength concealer from Bobbi Brown to help me ignore that the dark circles under my eyes have started a hostile takeover on my face.
*Many, many, many wrappings for Rittersport Erdbeer Joghurt, usually empty.
*And my new scent, which I bought the only time I’ve been out to the shops lately. I went to the perfumery Frau Tonis for a story I’m writing and ended up leaving with 50ml of my very own fragrance. Dousing myself in perfume every couple of hours might not help me getting the work done. But, whatever, at least I smell good.

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