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a week in fashion #29

By Marlene | Published: 31. July 2011

*Would it rain? Wouldn’t it rain? Could we wear the clothes we’d bought/made for the wedding? Why was it suddenly autumn in July? After a week of checking the weather reports for Friday when our friends Steffi and Chrissi got married, in the end the weather didn’t really matter. It was a great wedding! And I didn’t need the emergency flipflops until the very end of the night.

*One way to make sure your daughter stands out at the playground: put her in a meat dress from the Gaga Goo Goo collection.

*I’m afraid that online shopping will ruin us eventually – especially when the shops that keep opening up that are as good as LN CC.

*Blame it on Prada, but James wants a pair of thick-soled brogues, preferably these ones.

*What’s a mafioso without his fine Italian designer suit? Just another gangster with a pissed off wife.

*Which do you think came first? H&M approaching David Beckham about designing underwear for them? Or the marketing department imagining David Beckham on huge billboards wearing underwear?

Hope you had a great weekend!

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