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a week in fashion #3

By Marlene | Published: 7. January 2011

*Finally! The video for Tom Ford’s women’s collection. Why can’t every fashion show look this fun and exciting?

[youtube width=”540″ height=”330″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDQdUh3E-4Q[/youtube]

*I know – I KNOW – I shouldn’t like Pete Doherty’s jewellery collection Albion Trinketry (mainly because it’s called Albion Trinketry). But I actually think the rings are quite pretty.

*The Asos lookbook makes me wish it was Spring already. This dress makes me wish I had a pool to wear it to.

*If you can: Scroll right past the naked picture of Olivier Theyskens to get a good look at his gorgeous collection for Theory.

*Favourite new place to spend the money I no longer have after Christmas: Benna. Especially on accessories form Lara Bohinc.

*I hope that at least one guest at Kate and William’s wedding has Piers Atkinson’s phone number. It’s probably too much to hope that Camilla will be wearing Look number 30.

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