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a week in fashion #38: postcard from paris

By Marlene | Published: 2. October 2011


It’s day 5 in Paris. It feels like day 100, because I’ve seen so much in such a short time. I’ll tell you more about it – once I’ve slept and my brain has returned to functioning normally again instead of mainly forming thoughts like: Shoes! Everywhere! Shoes! – but let me start by telling you that this little gold number is the least flamboyant outfit I’ve seen Anna dello Russo in. It’s exhilarating – and exhausting and then exhilerating again – to be surrounded by people who have cast themselves in the starring role of their own movie. Every moment is an opportunity to shine for their audience. While I don’t plan to start dressing like Anna dello Russo (I don’t have her kind of time. Or money. Or taste), I admire her chutzpeh. She has fun putting on a show. And she would probably find it insulting if she wasn’t noticed. I only wish you could’ve seen her in the hat made out of tiny dicso balls. Remind me to show that picture to you when I’m back home…


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