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isabel and the marantettes

By Marlene | Published: 1. October 2011

So what does a designer do an hour before the runway show? If you’re Isabel Marant, you’re outside in the sun, having a smoke. And if the women that were standing all around her are anything to go by, she has very good reason to be relaxed. It was like her fans decided to hold the fashion show outside. There was Isabel Marant everywhere. Here! The pumps with bow. There! The jeans with Aztec print. Over here! The fringe boots. I’d bet a pair of her striped jeans that this time next year the Marantettes (yes, I’ve just made that up) will be wearing the same sport jersey and tie-dyed jeans she’s wearing from her new collection.

I’m more interested in trying something else: turning my jeans up like the woman in the red pumps. I don’t have to wait until spring to try it either. In fact, I might give it go tomorrow…

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