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a week in fashion #40

By Marlene | Published: 16. October 2011

I spent the last week in a fitness bootcamp – which I’ll have to tell you about when I can lift my arms to the keyboard again without pain – and the only fashion involved in that experience was deciding between running shorts and sweatpants every morning. So it was just a little bit irritating when I stood in front of my closet on Saturday with the choice of blouses in ten different shades of white – but I was also fairly relieved to not have to wear something made entirely out of Spandex. Because I went to a different kind of bootcamp this weekend: a Photoshop workshop for bloggers, the Blogshop. The talented Bri and Angela taught us so much about design and photography and blogging in two days that my brain got worked out as much as my abs had been in the seven days beforehand. It was an inspiring weekend and I’ll hopefully remember all of those new tricks I’ve learnt to keep making our blog as good and as good-looking as it should be.

We didn’t sit behind our computers screens the entire weekend. Bri did have enough time to make it to Cos (although: when is there not enough time for Cos?), to get the scarf she’d admired on Okka. And I took a picture of two lovely women as a lovely reminder of these last two days.

Have a great week!

*Thank you Okka and Steffi for making this weekend THAT much more fun. I’m so lucky to know you both.

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  1. O.
    Posted 18. October 2011 at 16:54 | Permalink

    Ach, das war ein schönes Wochenende (mit Euch beiden). Bin froh, dass Du endlich wieder in Berlin bist!

  2. Marlene
    Posted 18. October 2011 at 18:27 | Permalink

    Ich auch! Aaahhh, heute ist übrigens auch die Einladung zu Fannys Geburtstag angekommen. Wird das ein Fest!

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